Why you need to run an Efficient Business

desktop with chalkboard on it that has graph about efficiency

Many entrepreneurs struggle with running an efficient business and tend to make their lives harder than they need to be. This is typically a result of trying to save money – hesitating to invest in software or people. Look I get it, cash flow is limited, profit margins might be thin and you’re barely paying […]

Why You Need to Deliver a World Class Customer Experience

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Want to know the secret to business success? Giving a world class customer experience. While that probably seems obvious, many businesses drop the ball when it comes to customer experience and pay for it dearly. Spending time, energy and money to acquire a customer is only part of the equation, you must invest in strengthening […]

Why You Need a Business Diary

Desk with reports scattered around and laptop

We humans are notorious for thinking we’ll remember things accurately when we actually completely suck at it. And as you know, when you’re running a business there’s a lot to remember – meetings, financials, tasks, ideas, etc. So today I wanted to share my strategy for remembering important business metrics, historical data, events and more.  […]

How to Build a Sellable Business

Two business people shaking hands over a sellable business.

Last week we talked about the importance of starting with the end in mind and why you need to have a business exit plan. Both will guide your business decisions throughout your entrepreneurial journey and ensure you stay on track with your long-term goals. Today, we’re addressing the exit plan of selling your business. Let’s […]

Business Exit Plan: Starting With The End in Mind

Blue cloudy sky with a yellow street sign that read exit strategy

Starting a business is exciting and incredibly overwhelming. There are countless things to figure out, check off your list and put in place to turn your idea into a reality. But there is one thing new entrepreneurs often forget to consider thinking through in the midst of the excitement. The end of your business journey […]

12 Must Know Tips to Perfect Your Pitch

Man doing a business pitch in front of an audience

If you’ve got a business idea or are currently running a business, then you need to know how to pitch. From clearly expressing what you do at networking events to convincing investors your concept is worth funding, pitching is an essential skill to master as an entrepreneur. So let’s dive into the “12 Pitch Tips […]

Guide to Consumer Packaged Goods Marketing & Growth

Photo of customers walking down the aisle of a grocery store surrounded by consumer packaged goods

If you sell a product that a consumer will need to replenish – think anything from dish soap to hot sauce – your business falls into the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry. Owning a CPG business can be an exciting endeavor because the scalability can often lead to big growth. But it’s important to understand […]

Celebrating The Upper Cumberland’s Local Makers

Celebrate Makers of the Upper Cumberland at Made Here Market

This Saturday April 29th, 2023 from 9:00am to 3:00pm is our 4th annual Made Here Market.  We’re excited to once again celebrate local makers, artists, musicians and food vendors from the Upper Cumberland region during this family friendly outdoor event.  Why Made Here Market? As the Upper Cumberland entrepreneur center, we believe entrepreneurs of every […]

How to Determine Market Size

Image of 2 hands holding a ruler with the words marketing

Business ideas are only viable when there is a market size big enough to generate adequate revenue. So if you have a business idea or are looking to add a new product or service to your already existing business, it’s essential you invest the time to determine your market size. What is market size? According […]

Guide To Pricing Methods: How To Price Your Products And Services

picture of hundred dollar bills and text that reads pricing strategy

You’ve got a killer product or service with a proven product-market fit and now you need to come up with pricing! Many entrepreneurs struggle with this piece of operating a business, so today we’re diving into pricing methods for your products and services. Why is setting your pricing tough? There are many reasons pricing your […]