Pitch it

The Biz Foundry is partnering with UCDD’s Recovery2Work program to “Inspire Recovery with Entrepreneurial Dreams”.

Who is Pitch It for?

Pitch It is open to recovering addicts who have a business idea that can help them and the community.


Applicants must meet the following requirements:

How does the program work?

UCDD Recovery2work

Pitch It is a collaborative program with UCDD’s Recovery2Work and The Biz Foundry aimed at helping recovering addicts turn their business ideas into reality. 

Application requirements:

Tell us about your dream of opening your own small business. In 2,000 words or less tell us your story and your idea. How you feel opening a small business will impact not only you but your community.

  • Name of business and location
  • How it impacts the community
  • How you will use the funds
  • Service or product
  • Start up budget
  • Basic business plan


Why Pitch It?

Pitch It is designed to give recovering addicts the opportunity to turn their business ideas into reality, make a difference in their community all while helping their recovery and improving their lives.


Pitch It UCDD

Applications for our Fall 2022 Pitch It competition are now open.


Submission Dates: 9/1/22 – 9/16/22

Finalists Announced: 9/19/22

Pitch It Presentation Night: 9/26/22

Winner Announced 9/27/22


Application & Information:

For more info and to apply send applications to Mike Miller, R2W Program Manager at mmiller@ucdd.org or call 931.520.9576