Business Coaching COOKEVILLE

We’ve been in your shoes and understand that starting and growing a business can be an overwhelming process. From figuring out where to start, to knowing the next steps you need to take to grow it can feel like you are spinning your wheels and getting nowhere. That’s where we come in! We offer free business coaching to entrepreneurs in Cookeville and throughout the Upper Cumberland region in Tennessee.

We can help you get clear, focused, create a plan and put things into action. Having a business coach is priceless when it comes to launching & growing a thriving business.

Check out our Business Coaches below and book a FREE 30 minute Start Here call.

Meet our business Coaches

Jeff Brown

Staff Advisor

Jeff is a great resource for business development, growth, and funding in the Upper Cumberland. He can help connect you with new partners and opportunities across the state thanks to his extensive network of community leaders, business professionals, and business centers.

If you have a question about any stage of your business journey, Jeff is the person you need in your corner.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Business Planning
  • Grant research & writing
  • Finding Funding
  • Pitching to Investors
  • Customer Discovery

Tiffany Anton

Staff Advisor

Tiffany is the mastermind behind our events, workshops, fundraising, and community sponsorships.

If you’re planning an event, looking to build your community network or find sponsors; Tiffany can help steer you in the right direction. She can also help you improve your leadership skills.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Fundraising
  • Event Planning
  • Finding Sponsors
  • Community Connections
  • Team Management & Leadership


Tiffany is the founder of Powered By Her a podcast and community for women entrepreneurs in the Upper Cumberland.


Book a Start HERE meeting with one of our coaches. In this initial meeting we will learn more about where you are in your business, your vision for its future and then we’ll help you determine at least one goal or next step for growth.


Following your initial meeting we will connect you with the resources, experts and tools you need to reach your goals. Having the right connections is essential to business success and we are here to help you foster those relationships.


You can book a follow-up meeting to check-in with your coach on the progress you’ve made with your goals and milestones. We are also here to be a sounding board to support you through the ups & downs of business ownership.