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5 Simple Ways to Boost Your Business

The primary goal of all businesses is to get more customers! Achieving a consistent flow of new customers isn’t easy, but there are a few simple things you can do to boost your business.

Keep Everything Up-to-Date

These days your business location, hours and information is in a million places which is great for exposure! But that also means it’s highly likely there are some spots where the information isn’t up-to-date. 

For customers it’s incredibly frustrating to have checked your business’s Facebook profile to see your hours, think you’re open, drive to your location only to find out you’re closed! Eek! This can result in lost customers.  

So, to clear this up and ensure you aren’t losing customers to administrative errors you’re homework this week is the following:

  1. Make a list of ALL the places you’ve listed your business. Facebook, Instagram, Google My Business, Yelp,, Website, Chamber Directory, etc.
  2. Audit every listing and update it with current information including hours of operation, contact information, description, etc.
  3. Be sure to check this regularly and update all listings with holiday hours as they occur throughout the year.

Create an Intro Offer

As a business owner, you know your product or services are awesome.  But the problem is oftentimes prospective customers are on the fence about your business for a variety of reasons. So it’s your job to ease their anxiety, cure their indecision and give them a taste of what you have to offer.  That’s where intro offers come in. 

It’s time to get more new customers in your door (whether it’s a physical or virtual one)! This week I want you to create and launch an intro offer. Here’s some examples:

  1. One day trial
  2. Discount
  3. Free consultation 
  4. Discounted mini service
  5. Gift with purchase

The idea is to make this offer irresistible. There is a chance your intro offer “loses you money”, but the goal is to create a repeat customer. 

When I ran my gym I always offered a discounted trial membership. It brought in loads of people, gave me a little extra cash flow, but most importantly gave me the opportunity to convert interested customers into recurring members. 

Incentivize Referrals

Your best marketing tool is a satisfied customer. You need to wow every customer with amazing customer service, results, etc. and then get them talking about it to other people just like them! While yes most happy customers will naturally rave about you and your business, giving them a little nudge never hurts. 

Here’s what I want you to execute this month, to boost referrals:

  1. Create a referral incentive (examples: discount for customer and the person they refer, referral gift, loyalty program)
  2. Launch it by letting every satisfied customer know after their purchase, share it on social, send it out via email or text.

Network and Connect

While not every business owner loves networking, there’s no denying the power of this business practice. People buy from people they “know, like, trust”. So the more you put yourself out there, the more connections you’re making. You truly never know who knows who and who might be your next customer. 

Your homework is to start committing to one networking event per month!

Host a Free Event

Creating buzz about your business is essential to growth.  In a perfect world, you’d effortlessly do this by attracting hundreds of your ideal customers. But in reality it’s just not that easy. It’s up to you as the owner to build excitement around your brand. And a great way to do this is through hosting a free event. 

Here’s some ideas for buzzworthy free events:

  1. Fundraiser for a cause that aligns with your business or values
  2. Launch party (for new product or service)
  3. Anniversary party for your business
  4. Customer appreciation days
  5. Webinar about topic related to your business
  6. Virtual hangouts with your customers

The idea is to create a fun, valuable experience that brings new and current customers into your business with zero pressure to buy. It gives them a sense of your brand and what you offer in a relaxed atmosphere. 

I used to host fundraisers a few times a year when I ran my gym.  I would get local press about the event, collaborate with other businesses to do auctions and more. My members would invite their friends for the fundraiser workout and it would be a huge success for exposure, the cause. 

Your homework is to come up with and launch 1 event this year that will create buzz about your business. 

You can do it

Running a successful business is all about getting and keeping customers. And even for the best businesses with a loyal customer base this takes work.  But it doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive.  If you are willing to put in the work and play the long game with the tips above you’ll see growth over time.

We have your back

Have you tried these tips and aren’t seeing results? Or maybe executing these tips feels overwhelming? Don’t worry we’re here to help! Book a free business coaching session!

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