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The Power of Influence

“Show me your friends, and I’ll show you your future.”

Dan Pena

If you think about it, it makes sense.

  • The people around you in high school influenced your college decisions
  • The people around you while you were looking for a job influenced your career
  • Your friends influence who you date(d)
  • Your parents influenced the way you view love

So, it would make sense that the people you surround yourself with can determine your future, and if you surround yourself with successful people, you, too, could become successful.

Successful People

A successful person surrounds themself with successful people. People on the track to success are focused, diligent, and have their priorities in check. They make intelligent business decisions. They play the long game. They aren’t afraid to put in the hard work now to reap the rewards later. They don’t have time to be influenced by individuals who aren’t focused, are lazy, or take unnecessary risks. They choose like-minded people who will encourage them.

Successful people may still surround themselves with people who aren’t like-minded, but successful people limit the influence that they give those individuals. You can’t go through life avoiding people with mindsets or goals different from yours. More people will differ from you than will be on the same page. You can, however, control who you give a seat of influence.

Who Influences You?

Think about the people who influence you. Do they encourage you or hold you back? Are they helping you reach your goals or hindering you from reaching them? If you need more people to push you towards your goals, find people you admire professionally and invite them into your network. Grow your network of like-minded individuals. Don’t wait. Start now.

Start Today

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One Response

  1. Pena is the ultimate hard knocks … give you hard knocks advisor.

    Nonetheless, he is right about the people around you. If at least half of them are not your betters which you can learn from, you need to expand your circle. (Taking nothing away from those you are helping.

    Most of all, when you find success, don’t be so selfish as to pull up the ladder. Show others where your ladder is. Pay it forward!