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Entrepreneurs Need Time Off

With the holidays coming next week, now’s a perfect time to talk about taking time off.  

Most entrepreneurs, myself included, suck at taking time off. We are uber commited to our businesses and customers. We struggle with the anxieties related to stepping away even for a few days. And we rationalize that not taking time off means we are awesome business owners. 

Yet, the reality is neglecting to take time off is absolutely detrimental to your business success and personal well-being.

How much time do most business owners take off?

According to an article from, sadly most business owners work a 72-hour work week and only take off one week per year. Unless running your business isn’t demanding or you happen to have crazy awesome boundaries with your time, one week off simply isn’t enough. 

Why is one week off not enough?

Owning and operating a business is rewarding, but also incredibly draining.   You’re likely working both in and on your business everyday.  And even if you’ve gotten to the point where you’re able to focus more on growing your business than the daily operations, the mental work is just as taxing. 

When we neglect taking time off we end up suffering from chronic anxiety, physical and emotinal fatigue and eventually burn out.

Our minds and bodies can only handle so much stress. If we want to be on top of our game, we have to take time away from our businesses. 

How much time off should you take?

If you want to keep your mind sharp and clear so you can grow your business, it’s recommended you take 4 weeks off per year.  Ideally, one week per quarter.  

Before you panic or get angry and say “I can’t afford to take off 4 weeks away” here’s my question to you…”can you afford not to?”

Yes, taking time off is harder when you are a one-person show, but it can be done.  You just need to plan ahead, notify customers and remind yourself it’s crucial you step away to recharge.

Burnout is Real

I spent 10 plus years of my life as a business owner running non-stop.  My gym was my baby and for most of my entrepreneurial journey I was a one-woman show.  I only took off holiday weekends and maybe one additional week per year.  After a decade of pouring all I had into my business, I was burnt out and closed my doors.  I often wonder, “if I would have taken more time away from my business, would I have been more successful or at least less stressed?” While there is no way to know for sure, I’d imagine taking regular time off would have had a positive impact on my business and well-being.

Benefits of Taking Time Off

Here’s 4 reasons why taking off 4 weeks per year is good for you and your business:

  1. Reboot your mind
  2. Rest your body
  3. Plan for the Future and Enjoy the Present
  4. Give Your Staff and Busines Room to Shine

Head over the to article “Successfull Entrepreneurs Take This Number of Vactions Every Year” to learn more.

Take Care of Yourself

Taking time off is the ultimate version of self-care for entrepreneurs. It might be hard to do, but without it your business and well-being will suffer. Even if you can’t take 4 weeks, start with at least 1-2 weeks per year and see how it feels.  Remember, you started your business to be your own boss, would you work for someone that didn’t give you any vacation time?

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