You Don’t Have To Be Amazing To Start

I promise I do have original ideas, but I must admit that I hear a lot of good quotes concerning innovation and entrepreneurship from a lot of different sources.

Once again, I am repeating one I heard during television commercials from the Olympics. I believe it was a Toyota commercial that said:

“You Don’t Have To Be Amazing To Start, But You Have To Start To Be Amazing!”

Zig Ziglar

This statement is so true in our world of helping innovators and entrepreneurs. 

A lot of our world tells us that we aren’t qualified to do this or that. Most people think they can’t be an entrepreneur without an MBA or they can’t innovate without a degree in engineering. The real world teaches us that these things simply aren’t true. 

A problem solver that is willing to work hard and find other talented people to join them is far ahead of the ones that are drenched in deep technical knowledge. The art of being a great innovator or CEO is a totally different skillset from the ones that may actually develop the product or technology.

The real secret is being able to figure out if your idea actually helps solve a problem or fills a need that is unfilled to the point of creating value for your future customers. Product development is part of that, marketing is part of it, but problem recognition and understanding who has the problem is much more important.

Everyone is bad at entrepreneurship until they start practicing it and get better. It is just like learning any other skill. It takes practice, coaching, an endless search for knowledge, getting and accepting feedback, etc.

Our job at the Biz Foundry is to make the journey easier for you and help build your skill sets faster.

So quit waiting on the perfect time, the perfect market, the perfect investor, or whatever.

You too can be amazing, but not if all you ever do is talk about it or dream about it.

Just start!

Start with the knowledge and resources you have available to you and build from there. Get help, ask questions, find a mentor, try things and learn from the ones that don’t work.

You will learn more by starting than you ever will by reading books and watching SharkTank!

For more on this line of thinking I highly recommend the book “Big Little Breakthroughs” by Josh Linkner.

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