Myth Busting: Small Business Grants

If you know me, you know that I have a rather active sense of humor. With that said I thought I might do a series of blogs addressing some of the questions we get about helping entrepreneurs get started. A lot of entrepreneurs come to us after they have been given bad information that supports […]

Angel Investors: Capital for Entrepreneurs

Angel investors

The Biz Foundry exists to grow the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the Upper Cumberland Region, an often overlooked part of economic development. We focus on a few key areas that can help accomplish that goal. One of which is access to capital in the region. Over the years we’ve connected and partnered with a host of […]

You Don’t Have To Be Amazing To Start

I promise I do have original ideas, but I must admit that I hear a lot of good quotes concerning innovation and entrepreneurship from a lot of different sources. Once again, I am repeating one I heard during television commercials from the Olympics. I believe it was a Toyota commercial that said: “You Don’t Have […]

The Past, Our Brains and Hugh Jackman

As a local business, the impact you have on your community matters. So in honor of National Nonprofit Day, we thought it was the perfect time to talk about why you should build a philanthropic element into your business, if you aren’t doing so already.