Top 3 Benefits of Coworking

We are now in the era of remote working and with that comes a host of new challenges to overcome. While some my thrive in a home office, many of us need a workspace out of the house to be productive. If you can relate to my story below and are on team “I can’t work from home”, you’ll likely find the benefits of coworking are in your favor.

Challenges of Working from Home

Right now, at this current moment, there is a sink FULL of dirty dishes at my house.  I ran the dishwasher two days ago and it is part of my daughter’s chores to empty it.  We haven’t had time to empty the dishwasher yet.  Hence, dirty dishes.  And right now, I would bet (I haven’t been up there yet)  there are two overflowing laundry baskets with my kids’ dirty clothes in their bedrooms.  Right now, my couch is calling me to finish watching season 4, episode 12 of Schitt’s Creek. And what I would really like to be doing is cuddling my cats, Sassy and Salty.  

Coworking for the win

But I am at my office.  Sitting at my desk.  With my to-do list written on my white board and my planner filled in.  I LOVE distractions.  I love working on something for about 5 – 10 minutes and then jumping to something else and then back again.  And when I am at home, those things I jump do are all mentioned about.  Let’s face it, working from home is bull…bullfrogs.  

I HATED being at home in March, April and May of 2020.  I get worn out trying to wear too many hats at one time.  When I am in my office, I am at least in Biz Foundry mode.  I may be working with a business coaching client, answering emails, helping coworking members, running out of coffee, and posting about an episode of Powered By Her, all within one hour, but at least it feels similar.  

When I work from home, I am a homeowner, a mom, a pet owner, a house cleaner, a chef, and all the other things we are in life.  I have a hard time actually getting motivated to be who I need to be for The Biz Foundry.  The other day, my daughter had to have three teeth pulled, so I brought her back to my office (I REALLY don’t enjoy working from home).  I felt pretty drained at the end of the day from trying to be mom and tutor and run a zoom call at the same time.  

For me, working at home does not have perks aside from maybe not having to put on a bra.  Working in an office makes me feel useful and confident.  I enjoy meeting with people in person, smiling at the mail guy when he comes in everyday and giving people tours around the building.  Working from home is not for me but the bottom line is, working where you can be most productive, is what you need to find. 

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Top 3 Reasons I LOVE Coworking

  1. Increased work productivity
  2. Reduced loneliness
  3. Creates better work-life balance

Is coworking right for you?

  1. Do you feel lonely working from home?
  2. Do you find yourself easily distracted working from home?
  3. Does a dedicated workspace help you feel more focused, productive and inspired?

If you answered yes to those questions, you’re most likely just like me and will finding that coworking is the ideal workspace for you! I’d love to give you a tour of Cookeville, Sparta, or McMinnville locations, just send me an email to set up a time or book a tour here. And be sure to visit our Coworking page to learn more about our flexible memberships and benefits.

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  1. Thanks for keeping it real, Tiff. I enjoyed the word pictures you painted. I can defiantly relate.