February 13


06:00 pm - 08:00 pm

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The Biz Foundry


PLENTY Downtown Bookshop, West Broad Street, Cookeville, TN, USA

48 West Broad Street, Cookeville, TN 38501

Cookeville, TN, US, 38501

Join us at Powered By Her: the bookclub, where we celebrate inspiring women authors and their incredible stories, all while sipping on coffe

Powered By Her: the bookclub

Join us for a fun and inspiring bookclub event at PLENTY Downtown Bookshop! Get ready to dive into captivating stories, laugh, and connect with fellow book lovers.

Hosted by Powered by Her and Plenty Downtown Bookshop, we are so excited to launch this collaborative book club! It’s perfect for any woman looking to connect with other entrepreneurs or women in business. We’ll meet in the bookshop for the club, and books are available at the bookshop. Call ahead to reserve your copy (931-349-2119).

Our first book pick: Lunch with Lucy: Maximize Profits by Investing in Your People, by Sherry Stewart Deutschmann


When entrepreneur Sherry Deutschmann first decided to start a business, she knew she wanted to build something totally different. In her first book, Lunch with Lucy, Sherry tells the story of the creation of that company, LetterLogic, and how she turned it into a $40-million company by putting employees first–even ahead of customers and shareholders.

Putting her people first took many forms, with an extremely generous profit sharing plan and fair living wages among them. But the centerpiece and heart of LetterLogic’s culture was the employee-centric practice Sherry designed called “Lunch with Lucy”–a practice that removed the hierarchical dynamics found in most organizations.

On any given Wednesday, any employee could invite “Lucy” (Sherry’s midday moniker) out to lunch, at a place of their choice, with the bill picked up by Sherry. At these events, Sherry wasn’t the CEO. She was “Lucy,” a co-worker. By making herself 100% available, “Lucy” created a judgment-free environment where she could learn about a team member’s dreams, ambitions, and challenges–and gain their insight into what she was doing right or wrong as a leader. She credits this approach with the success of her company.

Lunch with Lucy‘s interior, refreshingly laid out like courses on a menu, invites us to see how a leader’s choices directly impact employee morale, engagement, and commitment–and in this author’s case, ultimately led to a healthy and hearty bottom line. Sherry’s voice is new, and her honesty, humor, and humility shine through this story of a woman building a successful business through empathetic leadership and uncommon, commonsense business practices, one lunch at a time.

Sit down at the table and learn about a business model that is truly transformational.

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