Operating Alone in the Business World

What is an Entrepreneur?

Entrepreneur: a person attempting to make a profit by starting a company or operating alone in the business world, especially when it involves taking risks.

Cambridge Dictionary

Typical. We are defined as operating alone. Why is that? Could it be because we were strong enough to trailblaze our way through life? Do we never quite fit into what other people expect from us? It could be that we’ve always been slightly behind- or ahead of the crowd. Whatever your reason for being an entrepreneur… you do not have to do it alone. Here are some advantages of working alongside other entrepreneurs in the business world:

  • Problem-Solving – Life is littered with obstacles to overcome. Running your own business? Yeah, there’s bound to be some obstacles there. It can be stressful to solve every problem by yourself. When you get like-minded entrepreneurs in your network, they can help carry the weight by helping you troubleshoot, teaching you something new, or preventing you from making mistakes they have already navigated.
  • Encouragement¬†– People are power… especially in the business world. They can power your drained battery, empty creative tank, or deteriorating will to persevere. When working alone, it is too easy to beat yourself up over little mistakes and get overwhelmed by everything there is to know about entrepreneurship. If you expand your network to include entrepreneurs at all stages of the process, they can encourage you to keep going when things get hard and remind you of the passion behind what you’re working towards. A good network won’t let you quit on yourself.
  • Perspective – Perspective is everything, and if you’re only ever looking at things from your perspective, you aren’t going to go very far. Asking a trusted entrepreneur for their perspective can give you valuable insight into other people’s minds. Your customer base isn’t one person; it’s many. Therefore, it will take many people’s perspectives to reach many people.
  • Mental Health – Why are we talking about mental health in a professional setting? You must be physically and mentally healthy to run a business. You can’t run a successful business if any part of you is unwell, including your mind. That’s where you process, make decisions, rationalize, and problem-solve. Being alone for long periods can negatively affect your mental health. Many studies link the feeling of loneliness with depression. Isolation is a fantastic breeding ground for your mind to run rampant. While being around other people won’t solve all of your mental health struggles… and some of you might argue that people make your mental health worse… the right people can help you keep your peace, encourage you to succeed, hold you accountable to your goals, and help the entrepreneur process feel less lonely.

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