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Building a Website That Converts

There’s a big difference between having a website and building a website that converts. Yes any web presence is better than none. But if your website isn’t designed to turn prospects into customers you are leaving a lot of cash on the table. Luckily with some tweaks you can turn your website into a useful tool to boost your business.

Customer conversion is key

First we need to talk about the absolute most important aspect of your website – customer conversion. Our friend and marketing guru Andrew Holliday explains it best, “The most important aspect [of a website] is a clear promise front and center. What’s in it for the website visitor and then provide proof you’ve delivered (testimonials, reviews, client logos, etc…).” 

5 P’s of a persuasive website

Since Andrew has far more experience than I do and has already written a great article on “How to Create Website Content that Opens Wallets” go read his article and come back. Following his 5 P’s of a persuasive website is the starting point of building a website that converts. 

Using the framework

Now you know the Recipe behind crafting an effective website – Promise, Proof, Passion, Personality and Polish. This framework will guide you through writing effective copy, choosing images, and making your website a user friendly money making machine. Start by using the prompts and questions in Andrew’s article to brainstorm content and layout. Next do some research and find examples of websites in your industry to see how they execute the 5 P’s. 

Stay tuned for more

Next week we will dive into how to leverage the 5 P’s through basic best practices for website design.  No more feeling lost on where to put images, buttons, and copy we will guide you through the tried and true ways to design for function and conversion. If you need someone to take a look at your website book a quick 30 minute chat with me.

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