Target Your Audience | Marketing 101

I am going to state some VERY unpopular beliefs in business.  

“I hate websites and do not like email marketing.”  

There. I said it and I honestly don’t feel much shame about it.  However, I sit down with our Director of Marketing to go over our monthly strategy for content marketing and weekly we meet to make sure everything is on track.  I realize that just because I don’t like something or see the value, doesn’t mean that our customers & clients feel the same way.  

Understanding your target audience

Most of our team at The Biz Foundry is over the age of 40 and doesn’t see the point of TikTok.   I personally use my it to make videos of my cats that I find amusing.  TikTok is a creative outlet for me, but I do realize that there can be a value in this platform for some businesses.

For The Biz Foundry, our customers are local. We want people to come in, meet face to face, and attend our events.  We could grow our TikTok audience to 60k but less than half of those will ever set foot in our buildings.  On the flip side, with Powered By Her, our audience is both in-person and online.  If we grow a TikTok audience to 60K, that means that we could possibly see a good portion of those download a podcast or two. It’s essential to understand who your customers are and where to find them in order to make good decisions about your marketing strategy and tactics.

Marketing Simplified

Marketing isn’t easy. Some aspects of marketing are a must regardless of your personal preferences. And others you can pick & choose to leverage based on your skills and target audience.

Marketing Must Have

When running a business, there are some things you NEED to do.  Having a website is one of them.  While I hate websites, the fact is 61.8% of the world’s population is on the internet so having a website is a must. Trying to get by on social media alone won’t cut it these days.

Less is more 

You don’t have to do all the marketing things.  Pick 1-2 platforms that will best help you reach your unique customers.  Be sure to research where your target audience is so you use platforms that can help you reach them.  If you have a product for 20-somethings, Facebook is likely not your best option but Instagram would be essential. 

Use tools to help

There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to marketing. Using digital tools can make your life much easier.

Here’s the top 3 tools we use weekly to be more efficient and effective with our marketing tactics:

  1. Mailchimp for email marketing
  2. Canva to help with graphic design
  3. Later is our go-to social media scheduler

We will dive deeper into each of these platforms in a later post. In the meantime, check them out to see how you might be able to use them to streamline your marketing process.

Target Your Ideal Customer

I hate websites and emails, but I know the benefits of both in helping us get our services out to customers that need them.  I realize that not everyone shares my preferences and marketing is all about meeting your ideal customer where they are at.

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