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From idea to business.

Most of us don’t grow up thinking we will own a business one day, so the thought of being a business owner can be downright terrifying. And that was definitely the case for Rita Julian of Julian Bookkeeping until she took the Test It Before You Invest and Start Up Your StartUp workshops at The Biz Foundry. Today, we are featuring the entrepreneur success story of Rita Julian.

In her recent interview with Tiffany Anton, VP of The Biz Foundry & Founder of Powered By Her, she shares her experience of taking her business idea from contemplation to launch and how getting the support from The Biz Foundry and other professionals in her field gave her the courage & know-how to take the leap. Rita is a true example of how doing the invaluable initial prepwork creates a solid foundation for a successful launch & sustainable business. 

So how did Test It Before You Invest It & Start Up Your StartUp help make her dream a reality? 

Here’s what Rita shared were her biggest takeaways from both workshops:

  • I was able to get my ideas out in the open without feeling judged or crazy.
  • Micah, Jeff and Tiffany helped turn my ideas into action items that brought profits.
  • They got me connected to many professionals to get started: Matt Swallows with Swallows Insurance, Cassidy & Amanda with Foxtrot Branding, Lawyer Kent Moore and many more.
  • They had extremely useful advice. They helped me recognize my audience and my business blew up immediately because I knew exactly who my audience was and how to market to them.
  • My first client came from that workshop! Not only did they set me up for success, but they are the ones who put me in business to begin with!
  • It’s two years later and I’ve maxed out my clients, reached my goals and I’m able to be a stay-at-home mama which was the ultimate dream!

Starting a business isn’t easy, but Rita is proof that with the coaching, guidance, and support of other professionals you can make your business dreams come true. Whether you are in the idea phase or have already launched, The Biz Foundry is here to help you start or grow your business with our coaching services, workshops and networking events.

Need bookkeeping help?

While Rita’s virtual bookkeeping services are currently booked solid, she has a waiting list you can get on and offers additional support services. If you are in need of Quickbooks training sessions, consultations or cleanup services she and her team are available.

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