Finally Start Your Business

You aren’t alone

Do you have an awesome business idea, but you’re hesitating turning into a reality? You aren’t alone! Most starters struggle with launching for one reason… simply not knowing where to start.  Yes, there are countless things you need to do and know to start a business, but we are here to show you three ways to overcome that obstacle and start your business once and for all.

3 Tips to Start Your Business

  1. Get Support

Successful business owners never go it alone.  They are masters of their craft, but aren’t experts in all the important areas needed for business success.  So they enlist a team of personal & professional support and you should too. From lawyers to coaches & mentors, building your support system is essential to creating a solid foundation to launch your business. If you need help building your network of professionals, let us know and we can help connect you with the right people.

Support Resources: 

  1. Know the basics

While you don’t need to know it all, you do need to know the basics. Learning to nail down your target customer, pricing and creating a simple marketing plan are key things you must know to launch with success. You can get information on how to do tons of business related tasks online, but we highly recommend attending a business workshop, hiring a business coach/mentor or seeking out professionals so you make sure to get accurate information.

Knowledge Resources:

  1. Make a list

It’s easy to get so overwhelmed with everything you need to do to launch your business that you stop yourself before you start.  This is where a list comes in handy.  You will find as you start your venture your list will be ever growing, and that’s normal but you still need one. Trying to keep track of all the things in your head is a losing game.  So get out that pen & notebook and start brain dumping all the things you need to do.  We’ve also got a New Business Checklist download to help you get started.  

List/Project Management Resources:

Building your team of experts, learning the basics and making that list is all you need to start taking steps to launch your business.  While that seems easy enough, we realize even those 3 steps can seem like daunting tasks, so….


Business Workshop Made for You

If you want all the above rolled into one awesome hands-on package? We’ve got you covered! From getting essential information from industry experts to connecting with entrepreneurs who have been in your shoes, attending our Start Up Your StartUp workshop is your one-stop shop to overcome the “I don’t know where to start” and make your business a reality.

Starting your business and becoming an entrepreneur isn’t as scary as it seems when you have the support and tools you needed to succeed. 

Start Up Your StartUp

During our Summer 2021 session of Start Up Your Startup you will get to meet with our insurance expert Matt Swallows of Swallows Insurance, accounting expert Tiffany Crabtree of Crabtree Public Accounting and lawyer Kent Moore. Plus we will share with you Andrew Holliday’s Special Sauce brand recipe to help you make sense of marketing. And that’s not all…you’ll figure out the logistics of getting your product or service to customers, pricing, and more.  In just 6 intensive classes you will learn everything you need to know to make your business dream a reality. The only thing left to do will be make that first sale.

The Summer 2021 Session starts on August 16th. It will run Mondays at Wednesdays from 5:30 – 7:30Pm for 3 weeks. Sign up today! (spaces are limited)

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