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Mapping Your Customer’s Success

Successful marketing is all about communicating how you can help solve your customer’s problem.  You need to show them you understand their situation and that you can be part of their story serving as their guide to eliminating pain or pursuing pleasure. And doing this is a lot easier than it seems! It’s all about mapping your customer’s success.

The simple exercise below created by Digital Marketers is a great tool you can use to map your customer’s success and create messaging that resonates with your target audience.

The Must Do Marketing Exercise


Let’s walk through this exercise with an example:

Jane Flex owns a fitness studio in her local city and needs to clarify her marketing message to attract more of the right customers and increase membership sign-ups.  Here’s how Jane used the Mapping Your Customers’ Success exercise to create a clear message she can use throughout her marketing efforts.

*She started by creating an avatar of an ideal client and then walked step by step through the 4 questions. 

  1. What do they have?

Before joining Jane’s gym Beth has high blood pressure, low energy and is pre-diabetic. After joining Jane’s gym Beth has improved her health markers, is full of energy to rock her daily life and is no longer pre-diabetic.

  1. What are they feeling?

Before joining Jane’s gym Beth feels lethargic, depressed and self-conscious. After joining Jane’s gym Beth is feeling alive, happy and confident.

  1. What’s an average day like?

Before joining Jane’s gym Beth’s day starts her day rolling out of bed still feeling tired. She rushes to work with no time for breakfast so she grabs a large latte and greasy breakfast sandwich at a drive-through.  She works all day at her desk job and the only time on her feet is walking across the street with co-workers to get lunch at a fast food restaurant. She heads home after work to her 2 school-aged kids and picks up a pizza on the way home. Beth eats with her kids & husband, helps the kids with homework, and then sits on the couch watching TV until she goes to bed exhausted at 11pm.

After joining Jane’s gym Beth’s day starts by getting up 45 minutes earlier than she did in the past so she can hit the gym for a quick 30 minute workout. She gets to work energized and brings lunch she packed the night before. She makes it a point to get up at least once per hour to walk around the office a bit and stretch her legs throughout the day.  She’s convinced her co-workers to bring their lunches too and they all eat together and then go for a walk.  She heads home at the end of the day to warm-up a dinner she’s already prepped, enjoys hanging out with her kids and husband, watches a little TV and then goes to bed at 10pm.

  1. What is their status?

Before joining Jane’s gym Beth’s status is unhealthy.  After joining Jane’s gym Beth’s status is healthy and empowered.

So how does going through this process help Jane figure out how to market to prospective clients? It gives her insight into what her customer/client really wants and how they can become a hero in their own story.  Jane can sum all this discovery up into a clear brand one-liner (aka your answer to the question “what does your company do)…

We help busy moms get healthy with effective workouts, coaching and accountability.

It’s that simple! Your messaging needs to resonate with your customer/client, show them you can help solve their problem and be crystal clear.  You don’t need to be clever when it comes to creating your brand one-liner, but you do need to clear & concise. You’ve got about 2-5 seconds of your prospective customers’ attention to express why you are their solution. 

Now it’s your turn…

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