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Three Essentials Of Effective Website Copy

Good website copy is essential.

Without quality writing, your website will be viewed poorly by Google’s analytics system.

The result? Less traffic, engagement, and growth.
But, creating strong website copy can feel overwhelming.

There seems to be a limitless supply of articles and strategies floating around the ether regarding content creation, so where do you start?

I’m glad you asked!

What follows are three ESSENTIAL pieces of good copywriting that you can EASILY incorporate starting today!

Short Sentences

Google appreciates short sentences because it sees these as more “human” and easier to read.

By keeping the majority (not all) of the sentences on your website to 20 words or less, you satisfy Google and generate more traffic!

Use Headers

Much like I’m doing in this blog, effective copy is broken up into sections and these are divided using section headers.

A giant chunk of copy is less readable and as a result suffers both practically and analytically!

Write Like Yourself

Google isn’t looking for big words, run-on sentences, or technical jargon.

If you write like a REAL person, your website will reap the benefits!

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There you have it, three easy, practical techniques you can use to make your website content more effective!

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