Entrepreneur taking the Enneagram

Entrepreneurs Need to Know The Enneagram

You may think the enneagram is gimmicky, but the truth is companies are using this popular personal growth tool to grow their businesses. The enneagram is a simple & effective tool that can help you improve yourself and your business. Here are three reasons why entrepreneurs need to know the enneagram:

Use Self-Awareness to Boost Growth

The Enneagram gives you valuable insights into your strengths, weaknesses and habitual behaviors.  Being armed with this knowledge allows you to make more growth producing decisions for your business. Instead of walking around with blinders on and being reactive, knowing your thought & behavioral patterns gives you the power to get out of your own way, pivot and succeed.

Understand the “Types” to Improve Marketing

When you better understand people, you can more effectively communicate with and market to your target customers. Good marketing requires you to speak directly to a person’s wants and needs. When you have a solid grasp of the human psyche and clearly see what motivates your ideal customer, you can craft more effective messaging that resonates with the customers that need what you are selling.

Lead & Manage Your Team To Health

Familiarizing yourself with the 9 types is key to improving your leadership and management skills. For example, if you have an employee who is a 1, then you understand this person is a bit of a perfectionist, and they have this relentless inner-critic in their ear, making them secretly terrified of being horrible and making a mistake. As a good leader you would look for opportunities to applaud their work, and express criticism in a way that still conveys your belief in their abilities. As a result they will be a more secure and productive employee.  Along with improving your interactions with staff, the enneagram can also help you create a healthy working ecosystem where you leverage the strengths of all the types on your team through natural checks and balances.

Know Thyself to Succeed

Being a successful entrepreneur is highly dependent on your level of self-awareness, so don’t be afraid to dive in, learn and own it.  If you aren’t sure where to start I highly recommend checking out the resources below to start learning about the Enneagram. Knowing your type and the type of those around you will instantly allow you to start improving yourself and your business.

Enneagram and Business Resources

Want to learn more? Here are some great articles that dive into why entrepreneurs need to know the enneagram and now to leverage this tool for success.






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