Coworking Connections | Luke & Kris

If you are an entrepreneur or remote worker, I’m sure you know the feeling of loneliness that can result from the isolation of working from home or at your business location. It feels like you are on an island all by yourself and while you might love the solitude for getting things done, you likely crave some human interaction. So how do you get more done AND get the connection you need to stay sane, boost your professional network and add some good conversation to your day?

That’s where coworking comes in!

Benefits of Coworking

You can work in a comfortable, inviting space with all the amenities you need to work efficiently with the added benefit of humans around you! Need to get stuff done and not be bothered? Awesome…throw on those headphones and get it done.  Looking for some fun or professional conversations? Great, you’ve got cool people sitting right next to you to connect with. Not only do you get that essential human connection we all need in our day to day lives, but you can also make invaluable professional connections to grow your business and career. 

Successful Connections

Today we are highlighting The Biz Foundry Coworking Connection story of Luke & Kris.

Luke of Cookeville Creative and Skip the Line and Kris a freelance developer met at The Biz Foundry’s coworking space and have been able to benefit from each other’s professional talents to grow their businesses and of course add an element of interesting conversation to each other’s days. 

Check out their story of how coworking at The Biz Foundry helped them professionally and personally.

Cowork at The Biz Foundry

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